The future is plant-based

In a world where our food production represents a fourth of humanity’s climate impact, we need to find new types of protein to replace the animal ones, both for the sake of the climate, but also for our own health.
On average, a plant-based meal has half the environmental impact as a meal with meat, which is why swapping out the meat makes such a large difference.

Aside from developing good and delicious products, we also have a vision of increasing awareness regarding the consumption of plant-based proteins and thus contribute towards a more climate-smart and sustainable world.

How it all began

VegMe’s story began with a creative family of restaurateurs with a great interest in tasty vegetarian food, and a genuine interest in innovation and development. VegMe was born on Ingarö outside of Stockholm, through endless hours of creativity and experimentation in the hunt for new food innovations. Our Taste Lab is still located there. The lab is where we develop new product ideas and test our recipes. Taste and quality were the guiding principles for our work back then, and remain so to this day.

Our unique umami flavour

The flavours in VegMe’s products are unique and distinct. Our mince has “fooled” a number of skilled chefs in blind tests, where they have confused VegMe’s mince with minced meat. That’s because the flavours in all of our products are homogenised. The flavouring is not used just as a marinade on the surface, it is infused in the whole product. Cold-smoked rapeseed oil and cold-smoked Swedish water is what gives VegMe’s products a natural umami flavor and texture.

VegMe’s proteins

Our climate smart plant-based proteins are just as appreciated by vegans as they are by vegetarians, flexitarians and meat lovers. At VegMe, flavour is the most important thing. That is why we exclusively use fresh proteins. We always choose Swedish ingredients wherever possible. Today, our products are primarily made from soy, pea, and sunflower protein, but we are always looking for new, climate-friendly protein alternatives. In our Italian patties, we also use organic quinoa grown in Sweden.