Recipes and inspiration

Choosing plant-based food should be easy and tasty. That is why we created VegMe. And that is why we are constantly creating new recipes with our tasty products. We hope to inspire you to cook more plant-based recipes, either by trying something completely new or by making old favourites more exciting and climate-friendly.

Vegan Christmas ham

Asian noodles with pulled

Vegan collops

Pasta with creamy mince

Sheet Pan Sausages

Burger with Fried Corn and Guacamole

Four (sensational) Savoury Sauces

Skewers Cevapcici

BBQ Sausages and Chorizo with three tasty toppings

Sloppy Joes with a Korean Touch

Vegan Skagen Mixture with Horseradish

VegMe Vegan Bites Bourguignon with Roasted Potatoes

VegMe Pulled Original with Glass Noodles

VegMe’s Vegan Bolognese

Pulled VegMe Burger

Vegan Thai Stew

Indian/Moroccan Stew

Spicy VegMe Vegan Bites

Vegan Lasagna

Gamy Stew with VegMe Pulled Original

Poké Bowl with VegMe Pulled Original, Noodles and Pickled Red Onion

Autumn Stew with VegMe Vegan Bites

Bao Buns with VegMe Pulled Original

Salad with VegMe Pulled and Beetroot Hummus

Vegan Ramen Burger

Bild på ceviche toast med olika toppings på

Ceviche Toast with VegMe Burger and Lime Aioli

Burger with Mushrooms and Onion

Bild på Tikka masala

Vegan Tikka Masala

Vietnamese Pancake

Nacho Plate with VegMe Taco Mince

Bild på VegMes nyårsfilé

New Years Fillet à la VegMe with Blanched Vegetables

VegMe Tartar with Roasted Black Cabbage Chips

Vegan Goulash

VegMe Stroganoff

VegMe’s Homemade Veggie Balls

Skewers – Cevapcici

Poké Bowl with VegMe Pulled Original

VegMe’s Juicy Vegan Patties

Luxury Tacos with VegMe Pulled Original

Chanterelle Stew with Juicy VegMe Vegan Bites

Creamy Noodle Wok with Vegan Bites

Caesar Salad with Juicy Vegan Bites

Luxurious New Year Sandwiches à la VegMe

Pizza with VegMe Vegan Bites

Vegan Mince Soup

No Turkey with Brussels Sprouts, Apples, Mushrooms and Sauce

Burger with homemade sauce

Italian Patties with creamy tomato sauce and mozzarella