Recall of VegMe Vegobullar med mos

Bama Foods is recalling the product below as five (5) batches have been declared with an incorrect list of ingredients and thus constitute a health risk for people with soy allergy.


Product name: VegMe Vegobullar med mos

Manufacturer: Bama Foods, Lindesberg, Sweden

EAN code: 7330247610025

Best before date: 20210414, 20210421, 20210427, 20210430, 20210503

Has sold in: Sweden, Norway, Finland

”We are very serious about what happened. Customers and consumers should be able to trust that Bama Foods delivers safe products, so we immediately withdraw the incorrectly labeled product and review our routines”, says Magdalena Sehic, Quality Manager at Bama Foods.

Consumer advice:

People with experienced symptoms due to soy allergy are referred to healthcare.

Consumers who have purchased VegMe Vegobullar med mos with the above-mentioned best before date are encouraged to return the product to the store where the purchase took place for full compensation.

More information:

Magdalena Sehic, Quality Manager Bama Foods, +46 761 – 04 25 05,

Anette Dremo, Marketing and Communications Manager Bama Nordic, +46 702 – 65 85 82,