Do you have questions about what VegMe is, what it contains and where it actually comes from? If so, you will find the answers in our VegMe FAQ below. If you cannot find the answer to your question, you are more than welcome to contact us.

What is VegMe

VegMe are products made from soy protein where the beans are harvested from certified farms around Europe with full traceability.

VegMe caters to vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians and meat lovers looking for tasty and climate-friendly food. Read more here.

Is VegMe suitable for vegans?

Yes, all of VegMe’s products are suitable for vegans.

How is VegMe produced?

Our protein is made from soya beans harvested exclusively from European farms and prepared using our proprietary methods and flavourings. Read more here.

What does VegMe contain?

Soya protein grown in Europe, water, and our proprietary flavourings, where the flavours are pressed into the protein. The soya products contain Swedish cold-smoked water and Swedish cold-smoked rapeseed oil.

Is the VegMe product range prepared in Sweden or imported?

The soya protein, our basic ingredient, is imported from carefully selected suppliers in Europe and then prepared using unique methods and flavourings in Sweden. VegMe’s products are prepared in a facility in Lindesberg, Sweden.

Where does the soya used in the products come from?

The soya protein is cultivated on controlled and carefully selected farms in Europe. All our soya beans can be traced all the way back to the field where they were grown, and to minimise transport distances, we choose farms as close to Sweden as possible.

Does VegMe’s products contain gluten?

Our ready-made meal Pasta Piccante contains durum wheat flour, meaning that it also contains gluten. All other products are completely free of gluten.

Do all your products have a smoky flavour?

No, the flavour in the protein is not smoky. Rather, the smokiness neutralises the residual flavour sometimes found in soya products.

What do VegMe’s sauces contain?

Our sauces are based on Swedish rapeseed oil and soya milk and are known for their light and smooth texture. The sauces are free from egg, dairy, preservatives and citric acid.

Who owns VegMe?

Gastronova AB owns 50% of VegMe, and the other 50% is owned by BAMA Gruppen AS.

Where can I purchase VegMe?

VegMe proteins, sauces, potato salad and ready-made meals are currently sold at ICA, Coop, Hemköp, Circle K, 7 Eleven, and OKQ8. If a product has proven popular, it may be sold out. However, you can always ask the store to order the product for you.

For catering and restaurants, our products are sold by Martin & Servera, Menigo, Grönsakshallen Sorunda and Svensk Cater.

When you say that eating VegMe products saves the planet, what do you mean?

This planet is our only home and we have a shared responsibility to ensure that we do not deplete its resources. There are many things we can do to strive towards a more sustainable lifestyle, but one of the main changes we can make is to consider what we eat.

The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation has more in-depth information on their website about how you can help save the world by eating vegetarian food.