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VegMe is Swedish Food

Despite our English name, it is on Ingarö in Sweden that we develop all of our product ideas, flavourings and test recipes. The products are later on prepared on our plant in Lindesberg.

We choose Swedish ingredients whenever possible, for example the rapeseed and organic quinoa that we to the furthest extent harvest in Sweden. In other cases, the ingredients are cultivated as close to Sweden as possible on controlled European farms. For our Italian Patties we use algae from the species-rich Koster Sea.

Recall of VegMe Vegobullar med mos

Bama Foods is recalling the product below as five (5) batches have been declared with an incorrect list of ingredients and thus constitute a health risk for people with soy allergy.


Product name: VegMe Vegobullar med mos

Manufacturer: Bama Foods, Lindesberg, Sweden

EAN code: 7330247610025

Best before date: 20210414, 20210421, 20210427, 20210430, 20210503

Has sold in: Sweden, Norway, Finland

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Inspiration and recipes

Vegan Skagen Mixture with Horseradish

VegMe Vegan Bites Bourguignon with Roasted Potatoes

VegMe Pulled Original with Glass Noodles

VegMe’s Vegan Bolognese

Pulled VegMe Burger

Vegan Thai Stew